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politiken Eduardo Gomes

The original Brazilian recipe for brigadeiro from the 40’s has condensed milk as a base, chocolate powder and butter. Historians say that, because of the rationing during the war, preserved sweetened condensed milk became a common dessert replacement.

Says the legend that women started selling the chocolate-condensed-milk treat during rallies, to support the candidate to Presidency brigadier Eduardo Gomes.

It was the first time in Brazilian history that women could vote for president, so his campaign slogan was “vote no brigadeiro, que é bonito e solteiro” (vote for the brigadier, who’s single and handsome).

The women who supported the handsome and single brigadier by selling treats with his nickname were crucial to increase his popularity as candidate.

The Brigadier lost the election to Eurico Gaspar Dutra, but his famous treats survived the years and are still a part of every Brazilian’s life. Brigadeiros are largely eaten during special events, from kids’ birthdays to weddings, and, as a Brazilian, you learn to make them while you’re still a kid.

In the late 2000 the trend of adding melted chocolate to the brigadeiro recipe created a schism: now there were the “common” brigadeiros and the “gourmet” ones, much richer in flavor and creamier than ever. We based our special recipes on the principle that only the best ingredients should go into the brigadeiro, including the best Belgian chocolates and the purest Swedish butter.

Our story

The brigadeiro-maker Priscila was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and as a child learned with her grandmother, Mercedes Rufatto, to make brigadeiro. After grandma passed away in 2012, she started taking courses in the area of baking, chocolate and brigadeiros, as a way to work through grief and spread the brigadeiro love that grandma knew so well.

Only in 2016, after years of experimenting, the first official order came. Party favors for her grandma Nilda’s 80th birthday.

The feeling of making people happy with brigadeiro was what made the business thrive. Priscila made brigadeiros in the USA and Italy, and offered them to various people from all over the world. Now the company is in Sweden, spreading the brigadeiro love around Stockholm (the family and friends back in São Paulo constantly miss it, though).

Starting the Multistore Brazil & Co. was a milestone for the company.

At the store in Kungsholmen you can buy ready made boxes of brigadeiro, units of honey cakes, and much more. Follow @brazilandcobutik on Instagram to know more about events that will happen at the store all year round!

Brigadeiro in the press

Priscila is slowly but surely realizing the dream of spreading brigadeiro throughout Sweden!

We’ve had the honor to be interviewed by Journal Chocolat (vår/22). The article talks about brigadeiro and a little bit of the company’s story.

You can subscribe to the magazine by swishing 189 kronor to 1234992467 or pay via Plusgiro 61 02 93-3 and write the word “kakao” on the message. Send your address to kvb@mediagram.nu.

Nyföretagarcentrum has also published an article (in Swedish) about being a young, foreign entrepreneur in Sweden.

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