The classic brigadeiro flavor, with semi-sweet Belgian chocolate and covered with semi-sweet chocolate sprinkles.

Allergens: MILK, SOY lecithin.

Beijinho (coconut)

Coconut brigadeiro covered with coconut flakes. “Beijinho” means “little kiss” in Portuguese.

Allergens: MILK, COCONUT.


Classic chocolate brigadeiro covered with coconut flakes.

Allergens: MILK, COCONUT, SOY lecithin.

cocoa nibs

Cocoa nibs

Traditional chocolate brigadeiro covered with raw cocoa nibs, or crushed cacao beans. For real cocoa lovers.

Allergens: MILK, SOY lecithin.

brigadeiro covered in salted caramel Crispearls

Salted caramel

Gold® Chocolate brigadeiro covered with salted caramel Crispearls®.

Allergens: MILK, SOY lecithin, WHEAT.


Milk brigadeiro covered with Crispearls made from Ruby® cocoa beans, no coloring added.

Allergens: MILK, SOY lecithin, WHEAT.

Doce de leite

Caramelized milk (doce de leite) brigadeiro covered with cinnamon sugar.

Allergens: MILK.


Almond brigadeiro covered with finely ground almonds.

Allergens: MILK, TREE NUTS.


Peanut brigadeiro covered with crushed sweet-and-salty peanuts.

Allergens: MILK, PEANUTS.

Bolo de cenoura

Carrot brigadeiro covered with dark chocolate sprinkles.

Allergens: MILK, may contain SOY lecithin.

cappuccino brigadeiro


Coffee brigadeiro covered with cappuccino powder.

Allergens: MILK.


Liquorice brigadeiro with a touch of salt, covered with liquorice sugar.

Allergens: MILK.

Irish cream

Irish cream liqueur brigadeiro covered with cocoa powder.

Allergens: MILK. Contains alcohol.

brigadeiro covered in milk powder


Milk brigadeiro covered with milk powder.

Allergens: MILK.

Seasonal flavors


Passion fruit brigadeiro rolled in passion fruit sugar.

Allergens: MILK.